CHARLOTTE, NC / NASHVILLE, TN (MARCH 11, 2022) ELEVATION RHYTHM announces the full-length debut album, Growing Pains, which will be released on April 1st. Today they released the first single, “Fake Love,” along with the live video premiering at 12 PM Eastern. The new track, sung by Nate Diaz and Brittany Diaz, is an attitude-laden declaration filled with a heavy blend of modern 808s and retro punk rock.

“The world is constantly trying to teach us what love is — you get love from a bunch of likes on social media, from the way you dress, or the things you say,” Davide Mutendji of ELEVATION RHYTHM continues. “And our message is, let’s go back to the essence of what real love is. We have a God who loves you regardless of what you do, where you go, or who you end up becoming. He loves you for the essence of who you are.”

The twelve-track project is undoubtedly eclectic from a musical perspective creating a bigger story of the entire collection. With youth and young adults at the forefront of their mission, ELEVATION RHYTHM’s sonic backdrop intentionally aims to keep up with the changing times, which is why the group experiments with a variety of bold sounds and textures, constantly blurring genre lines. Incorporating elements of pop, rock, worship, and hip-hop, the collective’s first LP is buoyed by the youthful energy found in its diversity.

“I think, sonically, RHYTHM is always going to be different,” contends Josh Holiday, who produced Growing Pains alongside Elevation Church pastor and executive producer Steven Furtick. “Two years from now, RHYTHM won’t sound like it sounds now because the sounds of the next generation are always evolving.” Davide adds, “We try to mold the cultural relevancy with Christ-like revelation.”

Beginning April 26, ELEVATION RHYTHMS will join Elevation Worship along with Pastor Steven Furtick on the road with their spring arena tour Elevation Nights, bringing the experience of Elevation Church to cities around the U.S. The tour begins in Chicago and will wrap in Boston on May 5. Tickets are on sale now and for more information visit ElevationNights.com.

ABOUT ELEVATION RHYTHM: ELEVATION RHYTHM is an essential part of the DNA of Elevation Church based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and sets the musical compass for Elevation’s younger generation of worshipers. After releasing a handful of songs like “QUIET” and No. 1 Christian CHR / HOT AC radio single, “NEVER WALK AWAY,” the group is now releasing their first full-length album, Growing Pains. The new album is a mix of live captures and studio sessions that is intended to make a difference for a generation searching for purpose, identity, and acceptance.