Sound Of The House Vol. 2 Offers Twelve Live Tracks, All Worshipful Expressions Celebrating Life In The Presence Of God

24 March 2023 – Nashville, TN/Jacksonville, FL – New music has arrived from Sound of the House, a worship ministry founded by Austin and Lindsey Adamec in their hometown of Jacksonville, Florida. Joined by their community, they are thrilled to share their new live recording, Sound of the House, Vol. 2, available now on all digital platforms. Click HERE to listen!

The project follows the first volume, Sound of the House, which was released in the fall of 2020 (listen HERE). This second installment, encompassing twelve tracks, was birthed from their community gatherings and recorded live on the second floor of a Harley-Davidson warehouse in Jacksonville, where the ministry meets.

“This second volume of songs is the product of years of community-building and co-writing with many of our crazy-gifted friends, including Dwan Hill, Krissy Nordhoff, Mitch Wong, Shane Bernard, and Nathan Jess, as we trudged through our seven-year infertility battle,” Austin Adamec shares. “Only God’s timing could have predicted we’d record this project while Lindsey was seven months pregnant!”

Lindsey Adamec adds, “We are an overgrown house gathering that now meets in a Harley shop and the best way to describe it is that it’s simply an overflow. Our heart is to be a space where church leaders and atheists can come and be side by side. We just felt a conviction to open our door to host and feed people both physically and spiritually, and Sound of the House is a worshipful expression of an eclectic group of friends-turned-family that have uncovered the joy of celebrating life in the presence of God.”

“The only limit we’ve run into is our own faith,” they collectively share. “Just like the woman with the empty olive oil jars in 2 Kings 4, God will fill whatever we place in front of Him. If we give Him our Sunday, He’ll fill it. If we give Him our building, He’ll fill it. If we give Him our tithe, He’ll multiply it. If we give Him our homes, He’ll saturate them. The question is, how far will we go? To what extent of faith and the outer-known will we place in His Hands?”

Four live videos have been released leading up to today’s album release, including “Every Single Time,” which can be viewed below. Be sure to visit their YouTube page to check out more!

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Sound of the House Vol. 2 tracklisting:
1. Intro
2. Every Single Time
3. I Got A Light
4. Signs and Wonders
5. Evergreen
6. Evergreen (Spontaneous)
7. Speak Now
8. Speak Now (Spontaneous)
10. Good Plans (Intro)
11. Good Plans
12. Good Plan (Spontaneous)
13. Wholly Yours

About Austin & Lindsey Adamec:
Based in Jacksonville, Florida, the Adamec’s share a passion for gathering people from all walks of life and creating a safe space for intimate worship. After residing in Nashville, Tennessee for several years to pursue individual artist careers, they felt God calling them back to Florida to work together as worship pastors. They soon saw a new season of ministry expand beyond the church walls into maximum security prison campuses and public pavilions where there were many attempts to shut down their worship by religious protestors. It was in those moments they felt God showing them how there is no space He won’t invade. Opening their home for monthly gatherings and inviting people from across the community to worship together, the Adamec’s shared, “We asked ourselves what if our cherished house hangs turned into a sanctuary for the presence of Jesus? What if church wasn’t just on a Sunday but any moment someone walked through our front door?” The gatherings have been a life source for many, growing beyond expectations, bringing a stronger sense of community, and a greater passion for the presence of God.

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