Benjamin William Hastings Drops Live Rendition Of “Abandoned” Featuring Brandon Lake

Studio Version Becomes Hastings’ Highest Streaming Debut To Date;

He Is Sharing The Song Live On Phil Wickham’s “I Believe 2024 Tour,” Which Kicks Off Tonight To A Sold-Out Crowd In Jacksonville, FL

25 January 2024 – Nashville, TN – Today, Benjamin William Hastings drops a live version of his current single, “Abandoned,” featuring Brandon Lake. Accompanied by a music video, viewable below, a lyric video for the studio version is available HERE.

Written by Hastings along with Lake, Cody Carnes, and Chris Davenport, the studio version of “Abandoned” was released on January 12 to high acclaim, marking it Hastings’ highest debut single to date with more than half a million streams since its release.

“This is a surrender song,” Hastings reveals about its theme. “It’s coming from the perspective of everything God has done for us and the ways in which He surrendered and modeled that for us. How would we not do the same?”

He adds, “At first listen, this song may come across like it’s about our abandon and sure, it is, but to me, it’s more about His. He who not only chose the cross but had ‘angels at His fingertips’ and chose to remain. Every second, deciding again not to give up but to persevere. To repeatedly pursue surrender, even at the hour of greatest agony. I can’t think of a more inspiring sentiment than this, and I guess that brings me back to why it may sound like a song about our abandon; Maybe that’s the only way to respond to His.”

This live recording of “Abandoned” was captured last fall while Hastings and Lake were touring together. He says, “I got to write this with some of my favorite people, and I’m honestly overwhelmed by all the excitement around it. I pray (like it has for me) it helps you articulate words that you didn’t know you had trapped inside, and ultimately inspires worship.”

“Completely, deeply, sold out sincerely, abandoned
I’m completely, freely, hands to the ceiling enamored
My one life endeavor
To match your surrender
To mirror not my will but yours
I’m completely, deeply, don’t care who sees me abandoned
Oh I surrender”

Additionally, Hastings partnered with Air1 Radio yesterday to exclusively premiere the live version. The network played the song at the top of every hour throughout the day.

Benjamin William Hastings is sharing “Abandoned” and many of his other hit songs on Phil Wickham’s “I Believe 2024 Tour,” which kicks off tonight to a sold-out crowd in Jacksonville, Florida. Below are the latest tour dates, with more stops recently added.

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PHIL WICKHAM’S “I BELIEVE 2024 TOUR” featuring Benjamin William Hastings and Pat Barrett:
1.25 – Jacksonville, FL (sold out)
1.26 – Fort Lauderdale, FL (sold out)
2.22 – Birmingham, AL
2.23 – Memphis, TN
2.24 – Peoria, IL (low tickets)
2.25 – Lincoln, NE (sold out)
3.15 – Springfield, MO (sold out)
3.16 – Fort Wayne, IN (sold out)
3.17 – Dayton, OH (sold out)
3.22 – Columbia, SC
3.23 – Myrtle Beach, SC (low tickets)
3.24 – North Charleston, SC
4.18 – Tucson, AZ *JUST ANNOUNCED
4.19 – Bakersfield, CA
4.20 – Phoenix, AZ (sold out)
4.21 – Albuquerque, NM
5.03 – Baltimore, MD *JUST ANNOUNCED
5.04 – Richmond, VA *JUST ANNOUNCED
5.05 – Akron, OH *JUST ANNOUNCED
5.17 – West Des Moines, IA *JUST ANNOUNCED
5.18 – Holland, MI *JUST ANNOUNCED
5.19 – Naperville, IL *JUST ANNOUNCED

ABOUT BENJAMIN WILLIAM HASTINGS: This world-traveling worship leader, songwriter, and performing artist continues to pen many of today’s biggest worship songs. Along with his own solo projects, his critically acclaimed self-titled 25-song project from 2022, followed by the special 50-track Songwriter Edition followed by Benjamin William Hastings (And Then Some), has just released his latest single “Abandon” and the live version featuring Brandon Lake.

From his solo music to writing for others, Hastings is well-studied in writing honest songs that deal with an array of topics – doubt, authenticity, faith, worship, imposter syndrome, being a husband and father, and ultimately a human. Known for offering honest self-expression and dynamic songwriting, threaded throughout each of his songs is Hastings’ uncanny ability to communicate vulnerable and authentic personal truths.

Hastings’ writing and vocals are featured on Hillsong UNITED’s RIAA® Certified Gold single “So Will I (100 Billion X)” and Hillsong Worship’s widely acclaimed “Seasons,” and he penned Cory Asbury’s No. 1 single “The Father’s House,” UNITED’s “Captain,” the church anthem “O Praise The Name (Anástasis),” and Brandon Lake’s No. 1 single “Gratitude,” among many others. To date, his songs have been streamed globally more than 1B times.

Hastings shares many of his songs live while on the road. He’s toured with artists such as Brandon Lake and Cody Carnes and is out this spring with Phil Wickham.
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