Kim Walker-Smith Releases A New Song, “Boxes,” Her First In Three Years; New Album Out This Summer

NASHVILLE, TENN. (FEBRUARY 16, 2024) – Renowned worship leader Kim Walker-Smith releases a brand new song, “Boxes,” today. Not having released a newly recorded song in several years, she is thrilled to share this song along with announcing the upcoming new album, Under The Big Sky, releasing this summer. Listen to “Boxes” here.

“The message of ‘Boxes’ summarized the last three years for me,” explains Kim Walker-Smith. “I could feel God calling me to step out of my comfort zone and to chase His presence. This required me to move outside of the boxes I kept myself in and even the boxes I felt others would hold me to. When you don’t want to disappoint anyone, you end up putting others ahead of God, which is just plain wrong. The more I boldly climbed out of those boxes, the more the Lord would meet me there and fill me with boldness. Fear of man was replaced with fear of God, and I’ve been experiencing greater freedom and joy because of it.”

With more than 20 years of worship leadership, Kim Walker-Smith is known for her spirit-led worship anthems. “Boxes” is a powerful proclamation about breaking free from societal expectations and refusing to be confined by the world’s demands.

She continues, “God pointed me forward, but the path wasn’t clear. When I questioned how and when He repeatedly kept proving that He is the God who is not confined to any boxes. ‘Boxes’ reminds us that God makes a path when we see none. He makes a way and provides, according to how great He is, not what little we offer to work with. I hope this song is a joyful reminder and a prophetic shout over the lives of every listener, that moves them outside of their boxes and into freedom and trust in our loving God.”

Kim Walker-Smith will release a new studio album and tour internationally this summer followed by a headlining tour in the U.S. this fall.

(“Boxes” lyric video)

ABOUT KIM WALKER-SMITH: Kim Walker-Smith is celebrated for her exceptional vocals and spirit-led worship anthems. She emerged as a prominent worship leader for the Jesus Culture movement in the 2010s. With massive hits like “How He Loves”, “Spirit Break Out,” “Protector,” and “Throne Room,” Kim has amassed over 400M streams and a combined social following of almost two million. Kim’s influence extends beyond music as she is a sought-after speaker and an influential faith leader. She and her husband, Skyler, reside in Montana and have three children, sons Wyatt and Bear, and daughter Maisie.